Not The Usual Story – 19

I did not, I could not watch him leave.

I did not come home after work, so concocted a meeting at a club I belonged to. The fact the club met a particular hotel is why I went.

It would be easy to walk into the  meeting room before the meeting, say hi, then go and have dinner.

Time dragged,.  I ate as slowly as possible but it was only 7:30, so I went to a movie. I made sure I got home past eleven.

Perhaps I might have seen the moving truck making the far turn, but couldn’t be sure.

I entered the house, and saw the empty  spaces, felt the echoing silence. I didn’t want to go to his room and see the empty closet.

I took a breath and looked around my home, then I sat down and cried.

The end!


What do you think?

Written by jaylar