Not the Usual Story – 13

After coming to the realisation that I wanted someone to share my life, I joined dating sites. It was humiliating. The only men who were interested in me were so old I was actually young.

I then spent time on Womens sites discussing my disasters on dating sites.

A new hobby.

I went out to eat on Sunday and returned to an empty house. By the time Bryan dragged in, late Sunday, I was almost ready to shriek;”Where were you!” as if I had right.

But I didn’t. I didn’t make any overt reaction. I noticed he was extremely subdued, and after a brief, ‘good evening’ went straight to his room.

I forced myself to continue to watch the crap that had been keeping me company, so that he wouldn’t think, if he did think, that I had been waiting for him.


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Written by jaylar

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