North Korea declared America as a gangster

North Korea has said the meeting with US Secretary of State Mike Pompio is regretful, instead of understanding, the United States has been adopting an attitude of threatening like an aggressive gangster.

According to source, US Secretary of State Mike Pompio met North Korea’s top officials in Piang Yang. Mike Pompio arrived in North Korea to review the implementation of US President Donald Trump and North Korea’s head Kim Jung on his last month’s meeting.

After meeting between the high level officials of the US and North Korea, a statement Issue from Pian Yang, that the visit and dialog of the US Foreign Minister Mike Pompio was very sad. America ignores North Korea’s reservations by adopting a dictatorial approach, only pushing nuclear weapons to end a nuclear program which is aggressive and unfair practice.

On the other hand, US Secretary of State Mike Pompio said North Korea’s senior official, meeting was negotiating and positive, and there is a major breakthrough in some cases. However, sanctions on North Korea will not be terminated until the end of nuclear program and completely harming nuclear weapons.

Be clear, US Secretary of State Mike Pompio arrived in North Korea on a two-day visit. Where there were long talks between the top officials of the two countries, and in this visit, meeting was not scheduled with Kim Jong Un the North Korea head of State. After the talks, the US Foreign Minister left for Japan.


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