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Nature covered in frost

Landscape and plants covered in frost were always one of the most beautiful things in winter time. When you look at this artwork, it’s incredible how many ice crystals surround one tiny little plant. As you all know, this is a phenomena in a very cold climate and a day of mist just before the frost materializes. As the day doesn’t get any warmer and the temperatures are -4, -5 degrees, the water that froze, doesn’t melt.

The photos are beautiful, but I hope they don’t make you cold. So look at them somewhere warm. Hope you’ll like them.

A lonely plant in the middle of the meadow covered in snow crystals. 

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This white idyll is always breathtaking. It's cold, yes, but these forests have special magic that mother nature  provides.

Even the wire was no exception. As all plants, it was covered in ice. It's interesting that when the wood was near, the nature didn't decorate it. 

A walk near the streams and forests, part of Kriška  gora visible in the background. Everything is covered in frost. Beautiful. 

The nature has a lot of work with pine trees. Every needle was a part of the decorating. Imagine how many needles does the pine tree have and how many crystals there are on one tree. Does anyone want to count  them? Not me. 😀 

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Nearby forest, Senično, Slovenia, that was completely covered in white. 

Lonely tree in the front covered in white gown, the rest of the nature around the tree just as well. Magical.

Beech leaf still hanging on the branch, looking beautiful surrounded by frost.

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