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My Musing….Letting Off Steam

In my second year at the University, I had a close shave with a rapist.  This was someone who had become a trusted friend over the course of one year.  That he could turn around to want to hurt me that way shocked rather than alarmed me.

I went visiting,  he locked the door, and a race for survival ensued with me pleading for my release.  He, on the other hand,  was hell bent on getting what he wanted (what I found out he’d always wanted).

Luckily for me,  he had an attack of the conscience and let me go. He didn’t actually rape me,  but I felt violated and deeply betrayed, my ability to trust so freely affected.

Today,  I read a girl’s experience on twitter of how she wasn’t so lucky and got molested,  over and over by someone close,  her uncle, and it broke my heart she went through that. However,  what pained the most was the responses she got. A lot blamed her in their comments; so. E subtly,  others out rightly.  She must have pushed the uncle one way or the other.   Perhaps her dressing was seductive and he was not strong enough to resist.

My heart bled from seeing those comments,  which were grossly insensitive and ignorant.

I couldn’t believe someone who fell a victim of a rapist was actually being blamed for the horrible experience.

Is it ever anyone’s fault they got raped? Will a person ever wish such a terrible fate on themselves?

I tried to stand up for her; to state how no one ever sets out to get raped, but I was hushed, told I didn’t know the girl personally qnd so couldn’t say what exactly transpired. It was my voice against a multitude of opposing voices and I was drowned in an instant.

I was angry (I still am); angry at how society has descended and how an act so vile and hurtful can be brushed off so flippantly and the victim blamed.

My heart goes out to the victim; it must have taken a lot opening up the way she did,  possibly seeking a listening ear and some words of comfort. She most likely won’t be opening up anytime soon again.

I sincerely hope she gets the healing she seeks one way or the other.

This is just my musing,  a way to let out some of the pent up anger I feel inside.


What do you think?


Written by Muobo

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  1. People always blame the victim, and so that is why so many rapes are unreported. Sometimes it is way to horrible to go through the past to complain
    In fact if someone complain, quite often those who were harming the victim come back or use others to punish them afterwards.

    It is not a very nice world.

  2. I had an encounter once long ago where the boy had an “attack of conscience” and I still deeply feel how fortunate I was in that instance. Calling an attack the victim’s fault is just sick. I think women do it out of fear and denial, and men out of guilt, but either way these responses create a climate where there is a downhill spiral. You are working out your anger but also helping to educate people. This is good.

    • I’m glad you also got away from that rapist. Yeah, it really is sick that a raped victim gets blamed for getting raped. I do hope people learn to take themselves out of these situations and empathize with the victims like they should.

      Thanks for taking the time to read and comment.


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