My Beloved Mjolnir Exists!

My beloved Mjolnir exists!

She is real!

I now simply await an address to which she can be shipped.

I received a particularly generous offer from my Brother, Billy Gaston, at Vegvisir Forge and I could not decline.

This, to me, is a momentous event. Imagine being a friend with Rembrandt and getting a splendid painting on perhaps the best terms imaginable.

The existence of my Beloved Mjolnir gives me all the hope and encouragement a worshiper of Thor and the rest of the Pantheon could ever need.

I am restored.

Hail the Gods!

Do not confuse this with hollyweird’s blasphemies.


What do you think?

Written by DonaldPennington


  1. In all the accounts I’ve read, Mjolnir had a short handle (for reasons we needn’t examine here) but otherwise I like this design

    The futhark confuses me