Photographers Artists and Designers, Do You Know The Golden Ratio?

I am a free member of a successful company that incorporates the Golden Ratio in all of their products and thought to share this information with designers and photographic composers on Virily. You probably already know what it is and are applying it. It is a kind of trade secret, well, it was for me anyhow, and for dunces like me, let me explain it briefly, it is something like the Fibonacci sequence, it’s not that, but similar. It’s a natural occurrence that makes compositions just, right, it’s called the Golden Ratio and it is one secret every designer has used in their career, even unbeknown to many of them.

 Put simply, it’s a complicated math formula that’s hidden from plain sight. Designers have long since harnessed the Golden Ratio to create organic, compositions that are naturally pleasing to the eye – after all, we see it in nature from sunflowers to seashells. Good news: Luckily for you, there’s no need to remember how to use this complicated mathematic equation in your designs. This free app has thousands of templates that already incorporate the Golden Ratio, so you’re all set to design like a pro designer. Here’s the link, no catch, it’s really FREE


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