Monogamy Huh? – Part 2

Derek had never married. Never had a relationship longer than a month. He’d gone through so many women that when a female would greet him, he ponder and try to recall if he’d had sex with her or not.

Sometimes he couldn’t differentiate between a woman he knew  in passing, a woman he’d picked up in a bar. Couldn’t remember names or times or places, it was all a blur.

Derek had developed this practiced slow smile. If he’d been with her, she’d smile back as if sharing a secret. Ones he hadn’t slept with might have a puzzled expression.

Sometimes it was only when he had the woman in bed he realised he’d been there before.

Everyone he’d grown up with had married; some divorced and remarried, some were still married, he was the only one who’d never had that kind of committed relationship.

Wasn’t a big deal, he just wasn’t ready to settle down.

That’s what he told himself.


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Written by jaylar