What Makes Stupid People Stupid – One

Stupid people don’t realise they are stupid.  If they did, they wouldn’t act stupid.  They would keep themselves a bit in the background, ask questions, listen to responses, and get advice.  Hence, they wouldn’t be stupid.

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Stupid people think they know everything, think they can fool everybody and are so clumsy at it, that they make enemies of people who, if they hadn’t bothered to annoy them, wouldn’t think of them.

Sharon, for example, was in love with a guy called Jim. Jim had been married and divorced from Vickie. As the Sharon/Jim relationship heated up, Vickie didn’t want Sharon to have him. Her project was to use their retarded child as an excuse as to why she had to call Jim frequently, and why he had to come to her house at various unsuitable times.

As she was and is stupid, Sharon didn’t realise that Vickie was playing Jim and playing her, so ought have sat back and seen how long and far this went.  But, being stupid, Sharon broke up with Jim and spent her life regretting it.

Jim, who was free, divorced from Vickie, dumped by Sharon, saw a woman called Terry and started liking her. Sharon saw it and decided to become Terry’s new best friend to prevent any involvement with Jim.

What Terry found interesting was Sharon’s sudden interest in her.  Terry was relaxed, but suspicious because people, most people, didn’t instantly insert her into BFF after a meeting or two.

When it became crystal clear that Terry was not interested in Jim at all, Sharon dropped her with animosity. It was obvious she regretted befriending Terry.  It was as if Terry had wasted her time.


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Terry inferred that because Sharon realised that Terry was not interested in Jim, she was annoyed at being tricked into befriending her. Sharon, being stupid, revealed her annoyance and anger, proving her friendship was bogus from the first phoney smile.


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Written by jaylar

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    • That’s because you are ‘politically correct’ and as in 1984 words are removed from the dictionary so that bad is now ungood.

      As I don’t have to be politically correct, I use the word which is most applicable. Hence being dead is what I say, not life deprived.

      • Interesting. I don’t have a problem with the word stupid, because stupidity is a matter of choice, not an inbuilt state of mind. I would not call a person “retarded”, for example, because that implies a mental condition that is not with the person’s control. And – to be perfectly honest – we are all stupid at times!

        I also agree with you about the word “dead”. I always cringe when I hear someone say that somebody has “passed away” rather than died. Even worse is the current fetish for saying that someone has “passed” – they’ve just died, for goodness sake, not gained their A-levels!

        • I’ve been very alert to the 1984 style of mind control. The removal of certain words, the way people avoid the precise terms. America more than any other country has become victim to the self censorship.

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