“Make America ___ Again”

“Make America great again!”

OK, I’m no fan of Trump but that slogan makes sense to me. It’s original and something that I could stand behind. However, now I’m seeing so many other slogans that are also using this that it’s starting to grow really trite.

“Make America ___ again!”

Whether you fill in the blank with words like sober, white (NO I don’t like it but I will admit white supremacists are using it), and anything else you can fit in that *blank.* The point here is people aren’t original. I don’t know about you but I give more credit to those who are original than those who simply copy others.

Isn’t anyone original anymore? Is it that hard to be creative?


What do you think?

Written by Brenda Marie H


  1. The problem with the slogan was it was based on the myth that America had somehow declined because we were suddenly treating developing nations with respect and taking a responsible role in working with other nations. Barack Obama won a Nobel Peace Prize partly because he changed the way a lot of countries looked at America and created a sense of optimism that we were about to be more than just the world’s policeman. Trump appealed to angry white men who felt their world had tipped upside down, many who cling to a nostalgic view of America when movies were black and white and pretty much everything else was toom