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Creating a Freelance Writing Website

I'm no designer, I'm a writer. For ages now I've been using this excuse for why I didn't "brand" myself. The longer I'm in...

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Clients who “Don’t Know”

Time and time again I come across clients who "don't know" what they want but they want something like . What do you do with...

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Freelance Writing as a Business

Oftentimes I hear people asking how do you do this or that as a freelancer... I think what it really comes down to is keeping...

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Job Scoping

Job Scoping: When someone keeps adding more specifications to your work so they can drag the job out and not pay you You'd think that...

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Pay Rates for Freelance Writers

I've been searching around for writing work lately. In doing so I've noticed a trend: Nobody wants to pay more than a penny per...

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