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Little pest

A few years ago I was mowing my five acre yard and I was all the way in the back by the woods when I decided I no longer needed the used coffee from the morning breakfast. With no one around (no neighbors) I stopped the tractor got off and pulled out the device used to get rid of used beverages. Just then a very curious wasp happened by and was intrigued by the activities and came to investigate.  As you know once you start it’s hard to stop until the tank is dry. I was in a precarious predicament. So I took my hat and was trying to shoo it away with absolutely no luck. I was trying to persuade it to leave my device alone without getting myself or my hat wet. As soon as the tank said empty I jumped back on the tractor and got away from the little pervert and without having some extra unwanted girth added. Fun times in the yard.


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