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Morning breakfast

It is time for breakfast and I am hungry. We have many items we make for breakfast and ‘dosa’ is one of them.

Dosa is simple to make. Rice and black gram dal is soaked overnight, separately, in the ratio of 4:1.  After grinding to a paste, separately they are both mixed and a teaspoon of yeast is added along with 4 teaspoons of sugar. The batter should be thick with pouring consistency.  It is kept for fermentation and then fried in a shallow pan.

There are many varieties of dosa as is seen in the following link

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  1. I used to visit an Indian restaurant here in Spain. I ate a great pizza. Generally, food has a crunch in it that I don’t like.What I see in the picture looks appetizing. Because of cholesterol, I avoid fried foods.

    • This is not deep fried but a bit oil is applied to the shallow pan. Nonstick pans are also available where oil is not applied. Once in a way you can eat I am sure. There are recipes in that link I have provided.

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