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A litte old lady…

A little old lady can get quite confused, with pictures and words and emojis and such. It is not clear what all these mean. This little old lady may wind up offending people she intende to compliment. She asked and asked and the answers were many, but none make real sense to her.

Look at the picture above the the accronym win. It kind of has a smirk. I can’t tell if it is something nice or something mean, so I tired to do a litte research.

What does the accronym win stand for?

WIN What I Need

WIN Women In Need

WIN Wireless Intelligent Network

WIN Words-in Noise

WIN Women’s Innovation Network

WIN Worldwide Innovative Network

WIN World Intelligence Network

WIN Wireless Intellectual Network

WIN Western Initiative for Nuclear

WIN Weather Information Network

WIN Wildlife in Need WIN What Is Normal

WIN Wolverhampton Information Network

WIN When in need

WIN World in need

Believe me this is just the beginning. On one site alone there were over 300 meanings. I guess it is acceptable to be confused with so many answers.  I am hoping there are some people here who can help me out. If someone marks the emoji “win”  what do they mean? Should I say thank you? Would you ever use it in a text?

I am probably the only one who is confused and please be kind and bring on the answer! Thanks in advance.


What do you think?


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