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Light and Contrast

This Thursday morning I submit a collection of photos with the view of lighting and contrast, like some paintings.

Way on my to do, list, more art work but really got to do a lot during the day.

I am taking a while to finish my 3 Oystercatchers mixed media drawing but its well worth the effort. Light is often taken for granted but it does lift the day.

Contrast is great with light so things in the photo can be seen clearly. 

The Thumbnail is seen right from the back of our house and I love the tree…which is on a park.

#1 Sunset at Bucklands Beach

With skies like these it changes every day for sunset and sunrise...Its rather like a painting, all I did is to take the photo.

#5 Our Rui

Comes equiped with his natural outfit, lovely colours and charming bird. The colours also capture the light. 

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Written by Pamela Moresby


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