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I am using a smartphone since I don’t have access to a laptop or desktop computer.

I clicked (let me use the term though I think it applies only to laptops and desktops) one of Doc Anderson’s post to read it. I tried to comment but the reply I got is ‘Submission failure.’

I decided to ‘click’ his name. Instead of being directed to his profile page, it directed me to a Twitter’s homepage. I saw Norman’s comment to Doc’s post. I ‘clicked’ his name. I was directed to my Facebook page. I saw Carol’s and Ghostwriter’s comments to Doc’s post. I didn’t receive any response from ‘clicking’ their names to read their posts.

So, what is not happening? Or, is it, what is happening?


What do you think?


Written by Benny

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  1. so the issue of course is that it is a mobile device. I often click something, but get something else. What you experienced however is a linking issue. my twitter is linked to my Virily page, so clicking my name could open that.

    All said that is a weird error, not sure what happened pal.

    But, glad you are back and posting!!!!

  2. I am not sure what your problem is. Hopefully one of the techs will come by and explain it. I know the few times I have used my iPhone, I have had no problems with the site. Keep trying.


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