It's Been a Rough Day

My husband, you may remember has early onset Alzheimer, so there are some interesting and very trying conversations. He senses my mood, but doesn’t have to skills to deal with things much. It is a unique kind of stress to watch someone you love fade away.  I still try to keep things as normal as I can. 

Today he got on a roll about regrets. It gets all jumbled up in his mind. He remembers things from long ago, before I knew him and can’t understand why I can’t “fix” things. Oh how I try to fix things. It is probably one of my biggest hurdles.  I don’t want to leave anyone feeling hurt or bullied. I want to repair things that are broken. I couldn’t help him today. I failed him.

In fact, today I wish ……………. that I could hop on the horse and never come back. Ride off into the sunset.

Tomorrow is another day. Who knows what tomorrow will bring? I am hopeful that it will be stress free. That would be a switch.

Peace at last.


What do you think?

Written by Ghostwriter