It seems like such a simple concept and still I can’t see to get some to understand. I’ll start with the most obvious example because it happens every day. You might be done washing the dishes, and the dishes are not done until they are all clean dry and put away. Then the dishes are done.

Conversations are done when someone says “end it”. Marriages are done with the divorce papers are signed.

Maybe this song will helps with the concept.

So lets take a look around the house and see if anything got “done” while I was working. The floor was vacuumed and I know because the vacuum was left in the middle of the floor. There are clean dishes in the drainer.  There is open mail on the counter.

A lot of things got started today and I guess I will spend the evening making sure that things get done. I am not sure if it is a concept that many people understand. In case anyone is still unclear hope this helps,

 finished · ended · concluded · terminated · no more

Maybe I need a poster.


What do you think?

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