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I Decided to Stop Being a Filler

Celebrate! Get Excited! Be relieved. Yes I read and I felt it and I understand it. All I am is a filler here. It’s just plain old content that is in the way and that has no real value. I get it. I completely understand. I can’t even take my own pictures. There is no reason to be a filler. 

There was a time when I thought I added something. How silly that it took so long to recognize. Enjoy your songs, stories, and friendships. Encourage those who need it and I wish you nothing but the best here on Virily.

Good luck to all of you and thank you for all you’ve done for me.


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    • Oh, Carol, I don’t think it had anything to do with you. I think I just did some reading and looked in the mirror. If the shoe fits, wear it. It just seems that right now my role should be something different than it was. So, for now, I am a commenter.

  1. It looks like you feel offended? I understand why you wrote this, but just calm down and stay with us. What is a filler? We all are fillers for Virily. We fill this site with our content and no one here is better than others. Who can say which content brings more value to the site? Is there anyone who evaluates our content better than Virily moderator? If someone doesn’t like any content here, they can find what they like without offending others. The word “fillers” without naming who they are was offensive, I agree. But it not worth leaving, my dear.

    • I have simply changed my role here to a commenter and I am stepping back and trying to understand where I am in the mix of life. I don’t know if I felt offended, it was more useless. It certainly is not an issue for others. It is me looking in the mirror.

      • I guess it is more about balance. I will never stop writing and I don’t know if I will always keep publishing. I have seconds thoughts about if there is any value for others.

        Lots of evaluating and decision making going on my head right now.

        • It’s always nice to take a break and look at things from another angle. I do that often, and then I come back with new ideas. It might be frustrating for some people who are writing on a more professional level that on virily the criteria for writers may not be that strict, but at the moment this site is more about interaction between the members than anything else. So what we would put on our personal blog, we might as well put here, and it will be valuable for others. Happy weekend! 🙂

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