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I am grateful for……..
  1. Getting a good night rest: Getting a good night’s rest helps me wake up refreshed and happy instead of groggy because of the lack of sleep. I do consider myself a friendly person, but when I lack sleep I’m the total opposite! On a side note, Pepsi is my mood booster, which is another thing to be grateful for.
  2. Being able to shower regularly: There are some that do not have access to a shower, as well as some that do have access, yet they do not use it regularly. Being able to shower at least 2 times a day is very well something that I’m grateful for. And besides, I sing my best music in the shower, hehe.
  3. Being on good terms with key people in my life: I understand that not all friendships are built to last forever, and for the most part I dread being on bad terms with anyone. But, I’m thankful to be on good terms with close ones like my mother, sister and for the most part the rest of my family.
  4. My new church: Just recently I found a new church that has re-motivated me to attending church. This church has everything that I look for in a church as far as its community involvement and its make-up of the church.
  5. Side jobs: l will be the first to say that, no! The economy is not booming! The only people that claim the economy is booming are rich people. If it were booming then I would not need a side job, which I’m very grateful to have. I consider Virily as one of my side jobs because it does put money in my account. Am I right? If it weren’t for side jobs, then I would have to work another part time or full-time job, which would cut deeply into my livelihood. Other side jobs I have are eBay, and Empire Casting as a background extra for shows Chicago Med, Fire, and PD. All assist me with making ends meet, and keeping money flowing into my accounts.

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Written by Thomas Gouard

I'm a military veteran, a Direct Support Professional for adults with disabilities, and a college student pursuing a career as a substance abuse counselor. Outside of that I'm a runner, cyclist, blogger, writer, and fashion lover. I fell in love with writing during my second semester of college, and have found joy's in expressing myself with it.


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        • Definitely not kissing its a** because there are things that they do that really tick me off. My numbers have struggle previously because I was not able to put hashtags, but just recently I found out a cheat way to add hashtags in my writings. There is more, but I keep quiet! Overall, I’m thankful to be able to make that extra money from sharing my writings and opinions.

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