How To Protect Yourself on Facebook (and other social media) Part – 12

One of the things we learned about was to use different browsers. We’d download more than one.

We may have started with Netscape, then moved to Firefox, then Chrome, until we realised that as with I.E. (Internet Explorer, or Exploder as we called it) the more popular the more likely to be hacked.

We’d download whatever was available.

As time passed we have gone after the least popular Browsers. Simply  put, people don’t hack what is unpopular.

We would use the different browsers for different things. For example, one to watch movies another for our email and other stuff.

Using more than one Browser is sense.

If one doesn’t work, the other might.

Sometimes there’s a bit of malware which hooks to a browser which makes certain sites difficult to navigate. Using the other often solves the problem.

In real life, RL, faithfulness is a virtue, on line, it is a vice.


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Written by jaylar

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