A Brief Review of a Few Browsers (recap)

Just a Pause

As a person who has used all the Browsers mentioned above, (plus ohers)  it is hard to know which one I hate the most. It used to be I.E., but considering I only use it 1x, that is to download another Browser, I can’t really speak from experience.

Firefox was great when it first came out. It isn’t any more. It has been so tweaked, it’s reminds me of those Hollywood plastic surgery freaks whose face can scare even large children.

Chrome is no bargain.

Although it is popular, (it’s a Google product which kisses the foot of Microsoft) I have stopped downloading it. It takes up space and doesn’t give me the service I demand. Further, Google is something one needs to avoid. It sells and shares data. Using Chrome is walking naked down Main Street.

It is the most hacked Browser  on the market, because  it is the most used Browser on the Market.

So what to use?


What do you think?

Written by jaylar