what’s the deal here? what am I missing or not getting?

Hey there friends I’m not getting the concept of just what it takes to make a little 10$ on here or is it possible? I’ve been on here for like OH LORD almost a YEAR & haven’t made the 1st 10 $ yet I get (so say) everything else like the Virils for views but THAT don’t mount to crap on the $ part of it I’m not on here to waste my time. so my question IS what am I missing or not getting on here? cause from the looks of what I’m getting is everything BUT the cash to go with the time I spend on here :>( I’m really thinking about not spending anymore time on here, when I can be making faster $ on mylot instead.

It’s pretty sad when someone can be on a site for almost a yr & not make 1 penny off it I know some do it for the company of others to interact with each other but I do it for the little extra change I need to do OTHER stuff with like my crafts & some extra food we need but to just waste time for nothing sorry I can’t hang like that.

If it got rid of all the what I call junk that’s killing your time than making you money I think that would make a BIG difference, but since it’s a site that likes wasting time than anything else what’s the point in staying here? I can make faster payout on mylot than I can here & that’s pretty sad when this site could be doing the same.  I’ve held my thoughts on this as long as I can & well it’s time to let the cat out of the bag & just say that this is my LAST post cause I can’t see spending a yr on a site just to get 10 $ when I can make a 100 on mylot that is just the bare facts on how I see things time is short.

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  1. well I guess then the best thing I can do is just close this down & be done with it cause
    it just not getting me no where no matter what I do & find something else to do.