what’s the deal here? what am I missing or not getting?

Hey there friends I’m not getting the concept of just what it takes to make a little 10$ on here or is it possible? I’ve been on here for like OH LORD almost a YEAR & haven’t made the 1st 10 $ yet I get (so say) everything else like the Virils for views but THAT don’t mount to crap on the $ part of it I’m not on here to waste my time. so my question IS what am I missing or not getting on here? cause from the looks of what I’m getting is everything BUT the cash to go with the time I spend on here :>( I’m really thinking about not spending anymore time on here, when I can be making faster $ on mylot instead.

It’s pretty sad when someone can be on a site for almost a yr & not make 1 penny off it I know some do it for the company of others to interact with each other but I do it for the little extra change I need to do OTHER stuff with like my crafts & some extra food we need but to just waste time for nothing sorry I can’t hang like that.

If it got rid of all the what I call junk that’s killing your time than making you money I think that would make a BIG difference, but since it’s a site that likes wasting time than anything else what’s the point in staying here? I can make faster payout on mylot than I can here & that’s pretty sad when this site could be doing the same.  I’ve held my thoughts on this as long as I can & well it’s time to let the cat out of the bag & just say that this is my LAST post cause I can’t see spending a yr on a site just to get 10 $ when I can make a 100 on mylot that is just the bare facts on how I see things time is short.



What do you think?


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  1. I must say to you that you are almost not active at all in order to earn… You have to write (publish), get views from it, ALSO, very important is to open and interact with other people’s posts so they will comment on your posts too. Some people earn $10 a month, they post a lot and are active with other people’s posts, and some take 2 or 3 months to earn

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