How To Protect Yourself on Facebook (and other social media) -11

Those of us who got on the Internet late already were aware of the tricks and scams.

We’d receive piles of email in our fake accounts, and  it was so easy to see the scams; for example,

“Deanna Troi, I’ve been looking for you for years!” ‘


“Dear Captain Kirk I am advising you that you are the beneficiary….”

Where others would click on those “You Won!” banners, we didn’t. Where others would be fooled by the myriad scams, we weren’t.

When we wanted to do online banking or anything which required security, we’d use Tor, enter the Dark Net, and emerge.

We all knew to use two different malware detectors, we knew how to defrag our hard drives, delete programmes we didn’t recognise or want,and so we were safer than most people.

This is because way back in the 90s, we were five years behind so spent our time learning about Cyberspace, before entering.


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Written by jaylar