He Called a Family Meeting

It is something we grew up within my family. Every individual has the birthright to call a family meeting and discuss things. Things have been quite challenging in the family overall for the past year. We have all been laying low and just trying to heal. 

In our home today my husband exercised his right to call a family meeting. I was shocked when the topic was Virily. I know that Virily is important to him, and I was not aware that so many things were bothering him. He had come to the meeting with numbers and he was most sad. He counted the comments I made and he counted the comments I received and his determination is that Virily is simply a waste of my time. According to him for every 100 comments I make I receive one. Here are his words “ Shame on them. They don’t care about anyone but those who create messes. You can read the things your true friends write and send them an email. You are simply putting money in the pockets of people who have no respect for you. You need to stop.”

He pointed out that you don’t have to be a member to read what Doc, Carol and others put on here. He knows he won’t be able to collect the bluebirds, but he will be able to see them.

So the rule is the discussion is presented at the family meeting. A week later we meet and make a decision together by voting. 

It’s a somber day.


What do you think?

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