She Got What She Wanted – 7

Cara stood with Max in front of the Guest House where she stayed. He smiled, took her in his arms and kissed her. She was taken aback by his words.

He had said, after relating that Andrea had gone and she had asked if Andrea would send for him; “Send for me for what?”

Cara pulled back, “She’s knows about us?”

“I never told her.  Anyway, I’m here to ask you if you want to move in with me.”


“The house…  that’s where I live.  Andrea was staying there to save rent.  She’s gone now and you can have her room.”

“Oh…”  Cara said, confused.

“What is it?”  Max asked.  “I thought you wanted to be with me…”

“So you dropped Andrea for me?”

“Huh?  What you think? Andrea was my girlfriend? Me? ”  and he laughed.  He laughed in such a way that Cara felt like an idiot.

Max, unaware of Cara’s mental gymnastics kept laughing and said;  “Where would I get a classy woman like Andrea?  You think I’m that good looking?”

“So she’s just a friend?”

“Her husband was my friend, he went up to Jamaica in August. Told me to be her body guard…” and he laughed again, his hands climbing all over Cara.

“C’mon, get your stuff.  The rent you’ll pay is less than here…”

So Cara is standing in front of the Guest House with a guy she would never have looked at if he hadn’t been with Andrea.  The joke, he never was with Andrea.  So here’s her choice, move in with Max and save money and be his girlfriend, or cut him loose and go on with her life.


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Written by jaylar

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