She Got What She Wanted – 6

It was planned like a military campaign. Max and Cara would sneak away to a house owned by a friend of his, and have an afternoon delight.

They used Andrea’s motorcycle, went into the house, directly into a bedroom, and then, after, quickly showered and raced back, stopping at a supermarket to pick up a few things to make it look as if they only went out to shop.

As they reached the Guest House Andrea was managing, Cara went quickly to her room, Max stood outside smoking a cigarette as if nothing happened.

Later, Cara came down and saw Max and Andrea ride out.

The next day was Monday, so Max would be at work, she would be at college, so they wouldn’t see each other. Cara thought of him each day, wishing she could call or he could, but settling on seeing him on Saturday.

She was eating breakfast on the veranda when Max alone rode in.

“Where’s Andrea?”  Cara asked.

“She’s gone…”


“She only took the job to make money to pay for her expenses, and now returned to Jamaica.”

“Oh… is she going to send for you?”

“Send for me for what?”  he asked.


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Written by jaylar

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