She Got What She Wanted – 4

For the next few days she didn’t see Max. Andrea arrived alone. She didn’t ask about him, she spoke with Andrea, trying to be warm and friendly.

Classes began and Cara would leave early in the morning to catch a bus, and because she needed some financial assistance, took a job in the Canteen from her last class at two until five. When she reached in, Andrea was gone.

On the weekend Andrea and Max arrived.  Andrea went in to work and Max stood on the veranda where she encountered him.

She said she hadn’t seen him, he said he was working.

She took another grateful breath. It wasn’t that Andrea was aware of her motives, Max worked so he was not at the Guest House.

She spent the day talking with Max and others who were there.  If Andrea came out she would see six people, not Max and a woman. This was blessed.

If Andrea didn’t suspect her, she was home free all.


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Written by jaylar

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