What Is This Gift That Was Never Sent?

The Search For The Gift

The urge was so strong that I sent you a gift. It was to be a gift that should be both a surprise but one you will be happy with. The search began forthwith.

My search drove me to the largest departmental store in town. I combed all departments and shelves yet I could not get the right gift just for you.

The Search Getting Frantic

My search was getting frantic now. I was like a maniac possessed by the demons of Amadioha. I had to get this perfect gift just for you.

In my Memory

Images started fleeting in my subconciousness. You floated in my mind with all smiles. I saw your extended arms receiving my gifts. Your hugs spoke it all. You appreciated the gift.

No, I Had To Get It

I was combing the departmental store like mad. Physically I was jumping from shelf to shelf. Then accidentally I hit some boxes. They came tumbling to the ground all over me. And inside one box was the gift! I picked it full of happinesd. Yeah, this was the gift.

With The Gift

With the gift, I was as happy as king. Tears of joy sprinkled down my visage creating numeral eleven. My costenance was like that of an angel. At long last you will get your gift. I paid for it and darted out of the shop like a pursued deer. I was in the streets.

What Is Your Address

My realization hit me like a time bomb. I never knew your address. How will I get at you? How?


I crossed the road without looking. I felt rather than saw myself lifted up into the sky. I realized what happened in hospital. I was hit by a car. The gift is beside me here in bed. It is leveled, lots of LOVE.


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Written by stbrians