Full Moon March 30: Voodoo Day

Saturday, March 31, 2018

I woke up early this morning, and I noticed that Gumby is out of litter for his litter box as well as canned food. After I ate my breakfast, I worked on retouching. I decided to redraw the next page during my retouching or redrawing phase for each of the 200 pages. At 1 pm, I decided to take a break and go to Mother’s Market. While grocery shopping certain items, I heard two older women talking about a busy weekend because there is a Full Moon for Saturday night, and Sunday is Easter Sunday and April Fool’s. I have been wondering to myself if there is a Full Moon around this time because too much shit has been happening to me, and I don’t even follow full moons and the ritualistic voodoo black magic that goes with this Illuminati holiday. I even mentioned to the older woman that all kinds of stuff have been happened to me, and I thought, kiddingly, it might have to do with a full moon. I have a feeling that the Illuminati Zionists have been doing their ritualistic blood sacrifices and black magic on this earth to fulfill their twisted N.W.O. agenda.

On March 15th, I sprained my thumb while putting groceries into the backseat of my car. During the weekend of March 24th and 25th, I had a flu, which involved fever and sore throat, and I rarely get sick. But I felt better on Monday, and I decided to bundle up and go beach hiking. I was sneezing on Tuesday; and, on Tuesday night, I accidentally broke my Versace eyeglasses at the nose part. Wednesday, March 28th, I drove to Lenscrafters to buy new eyeglasses, in which was frustrating because I had to deal with retarded sales people in the store. Then, I lost for my voice for the rest of the day. I finally bought a Tiffanys brand eyeglasses because I mostly liked the fit, which was very snug on my head and face, but it was expensive. Now, I am waiting 7 to 10 days to go pick it up. When I went to Friday’s walking meetup, a woman mentioned that her ankle is still swollen because she had sprained it a couple of weeks ago as well as many people at her work have been getting sick. And, Friday, March 30th was Good Friday. And, today, I find out that there is a Full Moon on Saturday, which explains everything.

I went on YouTube to seek a video about anything happening worldwide during Good Friday or Full Moon Saturday. And, this Ryan Dawson video is the first one that I noticed: Bloody Friday on Good Friday, where Zionist Israeli Terrorists murdered or blood sacrificed 15 Palestinians in Gaza. The satanic Zionist Terrorists wouldn’t let the Christian Palestinians worship God and Jesus on Good Friday.


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