Top 10 Celeb Secrets

This video is interesting, and I am not surprised with the list. I have heard of these secrets. Many of these secrets are very obvious because the actors suck.

10. Regular people are selected and paid to be seat fillers at the Oscars. Their job also involves laughing and applauding at certain times so the show will appear more entertaining to TV viewers.

9. Money Laundering by mafia, Zionists, and other corrupt groups are likely to invest in films.

8. Fake Celeb Romances and Marriages are FAKE for publicity and promotions.

7. Media Weight Issues

6. Hollywood Star on Walk of Fame costs $30,000, and the celeb must be talented.

5. Golden Globes can be bought, and even bribed.

4. Actors commit murder and get away with it because of bribery.

3. Celebs have Private Judges or they might even file for divorce in another country.

2. Animal Cruelty Continuous to Happen, even if they post “No Animals were Harmed” in the credits. These poor animals are abused to make them perform or act in a certain way.

1. Child Abuse, Pedophilia, Child Molestation, and Rape continues in Hollywood. And, as we recently found out, many celebrities were murdered, but covered up as suicide, because they were trying to expose child trafficking, pedophilia, and molestation.


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