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First Day at Virily

Hi, I’m John and I’m a newbie here at At the time of writing it has been less than 24 hours since I joined the site. I found this site through another site that pays their members for the views of their posts.

Suffice to say I’m not entirely new to this kind of site. I have joined and earn from at least two similar sites. I found at least three familiar names so far,

  • Oscarp
  • Carol (Dustin’s mom)
  • Courtney

I’m hoping to connect with some old friends to here. You knew me as Tekbytes anyway.

Unique Viril system

What makes unique though, which I found quite interesting, is the viril system. The Viril system is like a point system of the site. Unlike other sites that pays their members per thousand views (or a fraction of it), members get varying points in doing different activities (or lose a few if you do comment spam).

According to the FAQ, the number of virils you earned in a day show how much you have contributed to the platform. And, if I got this correctly, you will get a share of the earning for that day based in how much you have contributed.

In my understanding, I supposed it would be like this:

Let’s say you got 500 virils today. And the total virils generated today is 10,000 (just for the sake of this discussion). Thus you contributed 5 % virils for the day. Meaning you will get 5% of the income for the day. Interesting, right.

So far I had been enjoying the site. I still have to find out how much I could earn from here. Hopefully much better from the others. I’m also still exploring the other features of this site.

So far, I could say these:

  • The site is user friendly, specially that I’m using either my tablet or my phone to access this site
  • Loading is quite fast.
  • Though I had a hard time when I logged in the first time using my phone. I don’t think there is a login link. But once logged in (I used my Twitter account) it is very easy to use.
  • There is no way to edit or delete a comment. I think this should be addressed.
  • Each post is being reviewed (I believe) which is great. This would discourage those who usually abuse this kind of platform and post junks or plagiarized contents,

Over all, I think this site is great. Congratulations to the creator(s) and staff. I hope this site would stay for long. More power to you people.


What do you think?

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Written by artbytes26

I'm a self-taught photographer and artist, hobbyist, nature lover, photo editor. and a self trained web designer and developer.


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  1. Hi there! Welcome aboard! I have been here a few weeks now and am enjoying it too. There are a few kinks to be worked out though, as you say. It seems to take a long time to earn anything here, even to make it to $1 : I have posted loads of content (about 40 different posts, articles, videos, photos, etc) , shared them all on FB and Twitter, and spent a lot of time interacting here (e.g. viewing and commenting) and my earnings are still only at $3.40!! So unless I can find a way to earn quicker, I may quit this website. Are most of these content-sharing platforms the same, the ones which pay members? Do you know if there are any where you can earn quicker than here?

    • Hi Maggie,. Now the name is familiar…. Redgage?

      So far I got 18 cents on my second day. And I uploaded only 5 or 6 posts so far. Far much better than the other sites that I have joined so far. By the rate my viril is growing I think my income will be better by tomorrow. Still not much, but it is improving.
      Still not sure though how fast I can earn the minimum payout. For now this site is more promising than the others

  2. Teckbytes…now that sounds familiar.. Welcome, we are all new here, some newer than others. I joined a little over a month ago. I really love it, although there are some tweaks that need to be adjusted. Lukaluci has a good point, they are really good at getting to the bottom of a problem. A lot of us are from Tsu. Enjoy, have fun.

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