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Fell Out (part I)

The beach looked deserted except for the young man walking on wet sand. Cool wind made him shiver, because he came unprepared for the weather outside. Well, he fell out, to be precise.

Hostile scenery haven’t changed even though he was walking for hours. The boy couldn’t remember when did he eat, but was pretty sure he is hungry like a wolf. Another thing he didn’t think of- food.

“Oh, life is such a complicated thing here.”

Back on mother ship, he never has to think about those trivial things. Food, warmth, company all came naturally. Company…… Another nostalgic thought….. His friends are out of duty now and probably are boring, like every other night. ”Met pulls some jokes and Mike pretends that he understands all of them and laugh in order to comfort his brother. Uri is in his thoughts, playing solitaire and Gabe is playing his flute, trying to imitate birds’ singing. Ever since we came here, Gabe is enchanted with those little colorful creatures. To be honest, I understand him completely. All those beautiful animals to like, but my father chose the ugliest of them to be his favorite! That’s just because he knows I despite those disgusting bold monkeys!” Rage started to overwhelm the young man. For the moment, he forgot where he was and why he was there. Anger made him walk faster. And it was good, for he was freezing. “Where to find some shelter, to warm up my soul and body? And maybe to sleep?” He looked around, but everything looked the same: long, long beach and sharp, high stones alongside.

Sunset turned into evening which is not pleasant at the deserted place.

Thankfully, it happened to be the night of full moon, so he could see pretty well, although it was of little help- he still had no idea where to go. “As far as I see, I could be on the Moon- the same wretched landscape, except for the ocean. Nice detail that ocean, I could drown myself in it, if I get bored of walking there aimlessly.”

Obviously, a young man had anger issues. His temper brought him here, on the first place. He would never admit, but he was his father’s favorite. The bright star, a light of his life, little boy made his father proud in every aspect of his life. Naturally smart and extremely perceptive with curious mind that never slept, he followed father’s steps and was seen as his natural successor. The boy was good both in science and military training. His charismatic personality brought him many friends. He was a star whenever he show himself up. And now, neither of his skills could help him survive.

“This bloody ocean is full of fish, but how to make stupid animals to come here?!” Indeed, his main characteristic was ability to manipulate people. If he couldn’t get someone’s trust by his charisma, he would get into their mind and pull out their deepest desires to use it against themselves. And now, there were no living soul to help him. He aimed to rocks, to find some shelter from coldness and wild animals. Through whole his lone walk he hasn’t seen a single living thing, but one has to be careful in this, from-God-forgotten place. Bitter smile spread over his face thinking of that. He inspected rocks by touch, since it was already very dark. Only the ocean was sparkling as waves were sliding on the surface. The young man finally found a place to scroll down and fell into a sleep with no dreams….

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