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Ever wondered the world dirtiest dog in California

Usually two types of dogs we see, Pets and wild dogs. People not only buy good breed dogs but also keeping them like family members and where there are the some specialties of this loyal animal there it also protect their owner.

The US state of California competed with dirty dogs on Friday, In which the gray dog small ‘mate’ was declared victorious.

The aim of organizing this competition in California was to help the street dogs and collect money for their welfare. The competition started in 2014

A moransi named lady has been given a prize of $ 1500 for the best dirtiest dog, She donated this amount wildlife department for wildlife according to the procedure.

On this occasion, she said, “I think everyone likes to have a beautiful dog, but my little champion is not less than anyone, he owns a very exciting and exciting mood. Both of us have a deep friendship and I put it in my house and give the message to the people that they too love all the animals. “

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