Do You Ever Wonder?

Do you ever wonder if anyone on this planet really understands you and knows why you do the things you do? I am often alone in a crowd, looking from the outside. I may be holding the hand of the one I love and still I am alone. 

I hear a song and I wonder if anyone else really hears the same thing that I do. We talk a lot about real communication and how many times do we go extra mile and let someone, anyone know that they have be heard and valued? I wonder if I had taken more time in my life to listen and respond with love and kindness if things may have been different.

I wonder if today I change my world, will it help anyone else or am I truly alone. I find comfort in solitude. I often seek it. It that what my “calling” is in this world? Perhaps.

I am going to share a song and ask you to tell me what you think it is talking about, in detail. I honestly don’t think you will tell me. Why because I am alone in this crowd. Yet sometimes I have to check and see if anyone else might “get it” and understand.’s to hopelessness.


What do you think?


Written by Ghostwriter

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  1. I’m not always focused on what goes around me, because what happens inside me sometimes takes over my attention. I guess that happens to most of us. Taking proper care of others, and that includes listening and “being there”, can drain energy.
    We just can’t always be our best at the right time, and it sucks.

    I think the truth is that we’re all different and can’t think the same thing, but some of us think alike. A common link can often be found. 🙂
    And as we’re all linked, I believe we can change the world if we change ourselves.

    That’s what comments are for, especially on YouTube, to see if we find people we can relate with. Well, the song seems to be about a boy who lost his father. 🙁

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