Dating Site – 7

Nora Linton had just joined Perfect Partner, an online dating site. She’d been asked what she wanted and thinking it was a joke, scraped her soul and entered her desires.

Shortly, up popped four photos of men, each attractive in his own way.

She was stunned, but shrugged, thinking, ‘photo shop’  but selected the second photo and was invited to send him an email.

She had not entered a single word about herself, which seemed odd, but having nothing to do, she decided to do as requested and send him her ‘wants’.

She received a near immediate reply from Greg Daniels who wrote;

“I think I meet your requirements. Perhaps we could meet?”

With no location, nothing to indicate where she was, she typed; “I am in Brooklyn.”

“So am I.” came the reply.

How could this be possible? How could she fall into a dating site, give no location, yet be matched with a person in the very state, the very city, the very borough where she lived? Maybe it was her I.P. address? Yes. Of course. They knew where she was… in a general way… by her I.P.!

Taking a deep breath she frivolously typed;  “How about Peppers?”

“I can meet you there in ten minutes.”

Okay, this can’t be right.

“Not tonight… I  have to get off….” She typed, pressed send, then locked off her computer.

This can’t be right, she told herself.


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Written by jaylar