Dating Site – 5

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Nora Linton went over the dates she had during the year and asked herself; Is it me?  

Am I so ugly or so particular?   Are these men normal? Is this what it is?

Nora reflected on men she had found attractive, until they began picking their noses, men who had sparkling personalities but were physically repulsive.

A few years ago she decided to stop dating and join various clubs to meet people.  And all she met were women like herself.

She thought about  taking courses to meet men,  as well as gain further qualification, but met no men.

She was nearly thirty and wondered if she would never find a man.

She got up from the chair, turned on her computer,  maybe she’d learn something, maybe she’d find someone. She went to a new chat board and saw the banner ad for a Dating Site.

And she thought…why not?


What do you think?

Written by jaylar