Making Circles – 16

My ‘Date’ with Shaun took place on Wednesday, beginning at 1 pm when we met at the subway station.

We travelled to the Museum, the train so noisy we didn’t have to talk, and empty enough at this time of day we had seats.

I tried to think of clever things to say but it was necessary. Shaun had taken a book with him and was reading. I got to enjoy my own company.

When we reached the museum Shaun wanted to visit the Planetarium,  and I joined  him. It was quite pleasant and we had some discussion as we went from that section to the one of Yanomano Culture.  I was able to give him a strong foundation in what we were seeing, what the particular culture was like.

After, we went to the Dinosaur exhibit, and then to one on Ancient Egypt.

We had coffee and Shaun decided he had to go. I returned with him and we said good bye at the same subway station we had met.


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Written by jaylar