The Mistake – 9

During the next days at work, Amy tried to be bright and charming when she saw Jeremy. She smiled, tossed clever remarks, but he didn’t see her, or gave her no more than a word or a nod.

He was not interested.

She told herself, move on, find someone else.

It wasn’t as easy as it sounds. Most of the men at work were not interested in her, were not her type, nor available.

Amy went on dating apps and thought she’d meet someone, but never did. She had a few unpleasant first dates and then deleted her account.

She went over it and over again, and realised that when she turned him down, he didn’t take it as a prior commitment he took it as a brush off, and maybe if there was no Opal, he’d be a possible. But there was an Opal, and they were a couple.

The hard part, for Amy was that suddenly, Jeremy was the most desirable man in the world. And he was obviously not available.


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Written by jaylar

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