Making Circles – 9

The Prom was not entirely horrible. I filled it with clever repartee with my friends, danced two or three times with Shaun and a few others, then boarded the Limo when it was time to leave.

Jack and Laurie were doing some kissing while I spoke to the other couples, who, as Shaun and I were not dates, just an avoidance of computer matching.

When the Limo stopped at Laurie’s, and I got out, leaving Shaun to watch Laurie give Jack his good night kisses.  I bid good night to every one else, in general, got out of the car, greeted her mother, entered the house to change and walk home.

I moved as quickly as I could and was soon down and out, passing Laurie in a usual argument with her mother.

I walked up the road, in this early dark morning, alone. I walked to my house, not bothering to pretend it was more than it was. When I entered my mother asked me about the Prom.

“ I wonder if Prom’s qualify as light torture? You think? I mean, it wasn’t that bad. I spent more time discussing the false ‘computer matching’ than anything else.

“Did you dance?”

“Yes, I think about five dances, but mostly conversation around the eats table. The snacks were not bad, most were not good, but they weren’t bad. Oh! I have to tell you this, they had non-alcoholic wine, and one of the boys didn’t realise it, so got ‘drunk’ on it… oh, I laughed and laughed, it was so funny.”

“Did you have a good time?”

“It was .. you know…not great but not bad.”

“Are you glad you went?”

“Well, it was like going to the dentist, you get it over with.”


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Written by jaylar