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Croton ~ 365 Photos Challenge #253 – 255

This is puring or croton (Codiaeum variegatum), one of the typical Indonesian plants that have many kinds that can be seen from each of the leaf shapes. I deliberately displayed this plant once again after the previous post so you can see it more intact, showing the top, the young one is yellow and gets older after growing up become red. The discoloration of the leaf itself takes several weeks.

Plants that are thought to be aliens by Alex are very unique. Very unique to be a clear example of how a whole beauty is divided into various beauties; the beauty of young, adolescents, and adults in one body.

As human beings, we can only see ourselves in one beauty of the time, that is our beauty today, whether it is beauty in the age of children, adolescents or elderly. We all also know that whatever old as we are, there is still a childish, youthful, and mature side in every human being. The thing is which side is more dominant among all sides. Do we show ourselves according to our age? It seems that it is not always in line. Human age is immediately called adult after entering the age of 17 or 18 years but to determine the maturity of a person’s character and attitude cannot be seen from age. Well, we almost don’t need to do anything to grow old because it’s automatic, but we have to work hard to become adults.

Talking about change, time of change and maturity, we can compare the time of changing the color of croton leaves from shoots to adulthood, which requires weeks while we’ll need years, and even then if it is achieved. Croton will definitely mature with its time while humans are not necessarily. Not necessarily because as human beings, human maturity consists of physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual maturity. So, even though each stage of transformation is important, such as from the stage of sucking fingers to hitting toys, then sucking and playing with other things, entering the stage of mental maturity, emotional, and social is very important, and being spiritually mature is foremost.

Although not everyone agrees, believes, or is interested in understanding or realizing it, becoming a spiritually mature also means self-realization, which means manifesting one’s eternal self beyond the temporary body and mind. We are fortunate to be born as a human, (or have entered the stage of being human) because the human life-form is unique in the sense that it allows the self to understand its own eternality. So the purpose of human life is to connect with the eternal self. If one is simply absorbed in the body and its demands, one is wasting this valuable opportunity – an opportunity that is only available in the human life form. Eating, sleeping, mating and defending, the soul can do in any life-form, but only in the human form can the self-connect with eternity, ie. reality.

Children – or childishness – generally don’t want to be and do not know how to grow up because there is nothing more important than sucking and playing, as well as immature ages people or even mature generally. But, I know for sure that it is not you, because you know what is the difference between illusion and reality.

What do you think?

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  1. Is vs was vs could be wow. First Albert the flower is wonderful. The question you’ve asked about is vs could be is one all of us struggle with. Funny thing is that as youngsters we struggle with that question but then thought adults didn’t. As adults we still struggle but forget we did so as children.

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