Creating a Universe – 1

It was the largest laboratory on Earth, virtually, a world in itself. It was built inside of a hollowed out mountain containing nothing, but to contain everything.

Scientists scurried by in their lab coats and handhelds, their voices paled to squeaks as rag ends of their sentences lofted to the dome.

The Grant to build this Laboratory had been large, all needs had been met. It was here, in this place theories would be proven or smashed.

In the center is the chamber,( referred to as, The Chamber). And in The Chamber a Universe would be created.

Or nothing would happen.

Processes which take billions of years would happen in months in The Chamber. In The Chamber, in its vacuum, light would penetrate, and then, then what?

The laboratory was almost self sufficient. Basic wastes went into a bio pit to be converted to electricity, but so much was needed to maintain the lab, it had to take power from the national grid.

For here, in this place, it was all going to happen.

Or Not.


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Written by jaylar

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