Creating a Universe – 3

Professor Goober stood, trying to think of a good line. He couldn’t use ‘Engage!’ or “Let’s Do it!”

As the clock ticked he could feel the fatigue of people not used to standing, so in a soft voice said; “Begin.”

Tommy Chang expected the Old Fart to say the expected.

Jin Ho Lyn had a recording of Thus Spake Zarathusa, ready to go as soon as the ‘t’ of Light was pronounced.

But The Old Fart had only said ‘Begin’, and Tommy wasn’t sure what that meant.

This caused a four second delay before Tommy realised it was his moment, and hit the button which sent the strongest beam of light into The Chamber.

The glass around The Chamber was reinforced with welder’s glass, but everyone wore a visor. The plastic shielding around the people would become opaque if the light passed a certain brightness.

There it was, the light, bursting into The Chamber. Into the empty Chamber where  gravity and magnetism had been neutralised. One large vacuum tube, with traces of gases.

As the light, the primordial light, entered The Chamber some cheered, some applauded, some passed unprintable remarks.

And for no reason, they watched and waited.


What do you think?

Written by jaylar