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Cowboy Up!


The Bullying Almost Worked

And then I remembered that if I let the bullies win in life, they will keep doing it over and over. I will not let that happen to another person without at least educating them.


Cowboy Up

It’s probably not a term that everyone is familiar with, although we use it almost every day here. This is what it means “make a determined effort to overcome a formidable obstacle”.

Right now we seem to be facing some formidable obstacles so it’s time to face the facts and “cowboy up”.

What Does Block Mean here

It seems like this needs to be cleared up. People may believe that it works like most web sites and they are protecting themselves, but that is not the way it works here. Perhaps if we understand it, we can take care of it ourselves and simply be respective adults. 

So when you block someone it means that they can’t send you a private message. They can still make comments and read your posts. “You” become the one with restrictions, not them.  So “Cowboy Up!”

There is not a way to protect yourself from anyone on this site other than preventing them from sending you messages.  You can take legal action if it becomes necessary as long as you post a disclosure. You would also have to be willing to foot the bill for your legal fees.

Since you have to be a certain age to participate, they probably thought common sense would kick in and people would be respectful of the wishes of others. I believe 99.9% of the time that happens. 

What would be best for all? If you know that someone here doesn’t want to hear from you, read your posts or interact in any way, you agree to never respect their wishes.  That is how rational adults behave. Can all agree to place nice together or completely ignore the ones we can’t play nicely together? Can we cowboy up? Can we agree to disagree and write great content that is supportive, interesting, relevant and perhaps even fun?

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  1. Until now, and I have been here since the founding, I have not had bad speeches or anything like that. There are always exceptions. I think they are rare here. You have the right that we should all be together or completely ignore those we cannot play well with.

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