Citrine….Attracts business and money.

Citrine represents a yellow colored quartz form, a mineral that is one of the most prevalent in nature and which is made up of silicon dioxide (silicate).Citrine has a beautiful yellow color like sunshine and energy. There are variants from dark orange to pale yellow. Depends where they are in the nature and whether they are heat treated.

This is a rough stone. Natural Citrine is relatively rare. Properties: Citrine is a powerful regenerator and purifier. Since it carries the power of the Sun, this is a remarkably useful stone.
It is energy-intensive and very creative.

Citrine is a stone believed to contain sunlight in it and does not absorb anything negative. This mercury stone contains in itself pure sunshine morning light. It is considered a trading stone, because it improves communication, increases sales and attracts business and money. It was previously placed in a cashier or put together with the bills.


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Written by Branka Drobnjak

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