Catching Karma – 9

Marie got through work, got home, did her yoga and relaxed.

She went over every second she had spent with Charley focusing on herself, and believing she had carried it off well.

She had heard from other women whose husbands had decided to divorce them that usually the girlfriend puts pressure to have it finished quickly.  As she had given Charley the ‘fast track’  she assumed his girlfriend would make sure he got on it.

Marie didn’t see or hear from Charley for a week, then her lawyer rang, said Charley had come in, agreed to sign over the house, and the divorce was moving along quickly.

Marie took the news as victory.

She had laboured to remove Charley from her life and replace him with other things. Excursions, television programs, work, trips, until it was perfectly normal for her to reach work at nine, to leave work at seven, to eat dinner at eight, and to be in bed by eleven.

It was perfectly normal for her to go away on weekends or to have a number of functions, from a play to a dinner to lecture to attend.

Her life was carefully stitched and ironed, and worked.

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