There Was No Love – part 10

Patrick is dead.    I stand alone in the ‘family home’.    Instantly,  I decide to sell it.  It is as if I have woken from a coma.

Stepping out of the body of Mrs. Jennifer Wrigley came Jen Edwards;  the woman I was before my beloved married someone else, condemning me to a dark and empty life, where I married Patrick Wrigley.

I looked around ‘our’ home.  I never  liked it, it never had any special meaning to me nor to Patrick.

It    had been virtually given away by a relative of his. We bought it on a   mild mortgage, made necessary improvements.

After paying off the  mortgage, after living in it for a few years, sometimes we thought of selling it.

What had always stopped us  was that there was no place either of us had found we preferred. nor did we have  dreams.   Our lives  were shells around nothing.

This  house was a shell around nothing.   And as I didn’t need to maintain  the shell any more.  I would sell it.

I  was not going to involve our children in the sale.  They would whine  and cry and talk of memories.

For   them, the memories were real.   For me, there were no memories.


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Written by jaylar

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