Catching Karma – 4

Marie set her new ‘work day’ program.

She awoke, did thirty minutes of yoga, then went on the Internet for fifteen, checking emails and various sites that interested her. She would eat, shower, dress, arrive at work, focus on work.

She would have a smoothie for lunch, continue work until a particular time, then get take away and go home.

She would surf the Internet for fifteen minutes while she ate, then watch a television program, then do another thirty minutes of yoga, then to bed.

On weekends she began the same, but spent the day doing housework, shopping, and then, in the afternoon,go for a walk.

Soon, she began setting outings; movies, museums, lectures, exhibits, something to fill the hours.

She reignited many interests she had before her marriage, and was slowly regaining the Marie she had been.


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Written by jaylar

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