Billy Joel – Only The Good Die Young (HD)


Wow! It’s not even noon and I ‘ve  been yelled at, told I was loved, reminded I am no good because only the good die young, and been called trouble. Some people would be upset by this. I am celebrating it.  Why because I have been heard. I am not invisible. Perhaps I am irritating, but now invisible.

I remember a discussion with my mom about  people other than her criticizing me. It was so important to me that I wrote down what she said. Now I have it framed with a great picture to keep me in check.

1. Consider the source. If the criticism come from someone who truly loves you it matters. If the criticism comes from someone who knows you, it still matters. If the criticism comes from a stranger and it makes good sense to you, it matters. If a criticism comes from a stranger and seem invalid, simply let it go.

2. If it is a criticism that matters fix it and move forward.

I find this a very practical and loving way to live.


What do you think?

Written by Ghostwriter


  1. Yes. But can you fix that thing about only the good dying young? Woe is me. When I young, 3 good men died by an assassin’s bullet. That’s when I started truly believing that the good really do die young. Your post sent my thoughts in another direction.

    This was a great post. I believe in the value of listening to wise criticism and always hope that I am wise enough to figure out what should be heeded and what should be ignored.

  2. Excellent thoughts on being criticized. If a person slanders me on the internet for making fun of that young man who is pushing gun control, I laugh at them since calling me a Commie is not what I am.