Belief Kills/Belief Cures – 12

LM had posted a fictional report of a minor actor ‘coming out of the closet’. LM did not network the item. This was part of the ‘experiment’.

To understand how an item, without the slightest proof, could be believed, LM simply posted it, and left it. Readers were to make of it what they would.

Interestingly, the article was Plagiarised.

An article, published on a writing site, the veracity of which was never questioned, was taken, plagiarized, networked,  and began appearing on blogs, message boards, web sites.

In some cases attribution was given, in many it was not. The Article was posted on other sites as if written by the person who plagiarised it. This repetition gave the item credence, as so many different sites published it. ,

These sites which held the plagiarised version story obtained more hits and were rated higher than the item on Triond.

This is because by the time of LM’s publication the Triond site had been defined as a Content Farm.

Hence if one searched for NAME + Gay one would find  pages of different sites which had copied and pasted the item preceding the original Triond Article.

This repetition is what endowed the item with the aura of true. This is why LM deliberately did not network, for the experiment was to based on the premise that such an article would take a ‘life of its own’, Which it did.

Just as White House Insider gained its popularity and acceptance as true by others copying, quoting and networking it, the item written by LM gained its robe of truth via others unconnected to LM or Triond.


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